Unity’s October 2021 Newsletter


Unity Church Hill Nursery

HAPPY FALL! Hopefully, you’ve been getting to enjoy some time outside in this beautiful weather. It seems like the frogs have been here at the nursery. We see them sunbathing on the edges of fountains, hanging out in shrubs, and even on mums. Walking through the nursery, you often see a little flash of movement as one hops out of your way or hear a little sploosh as they dive into a fountain for cover. Incorporating bird baths, fountains, or other water feature into your garden helps encourage more wildlife like frogs and birds and even turtles to make your yard their homes, and they make your yard more inviting to you as well! If you have space for a fountain, we have a nice variety of fountains and bird baths located throughout the nursery. Come take a stroll in this beautiful weather and take a look.

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