Unity’s December 2022 Newsletter

Here at the nursery, we are still in the process of winterizing. Our winter hours are now in effect: we are open Monday through Friday from 8-5, closed on Saturday and Sunday. We have recently drained, scrubbed and covered all our fountains. If you have a fountain at home, you should do the same to prevent cracking. Our container shrubs, perennials, and any trees deemed tender are all being moved into our retail hoophouse for the winter. While this space is unheated, it provides protection from the harshest winds, snow, and ice storms of winter. The hoophouse tends to be warmer inside during the day and is still a shoppable space for you! We are open year-round! 

If you are looking to encourage someone’s green thumb this holiday season, a gift card from Unity Church Hill Nursery would make for a wonderful gift. Gift cards are well accompanied by a garden accessory like a windchime, a garden statue or a potted houseplant. Offer to accompany your loved one to our spring opening and plant whatever they buy with their gift card together! There are lots of ways to get creative about supporting the gardeners in your life in the wintertime. As a small, local business we so appreciate you thinking of us. 

Martha O'Neill, Retail Nursery Manager

Nursery Production

This time of year, we probably spend as much time in the office as we do outside. When the weather is nice, we'll head outside and continue moving plants to their overwintering locations, cover our hoophouses with white plastic, organize our work spaces, and more. When the weather turns cold or rainy, we'll take refuge in the warm office and continue working on our growing plans, plant orders, acquiring needed supplies, and more.

We've started converting some of our high tunnels from food production into native plant production. We are laying landscape fabric, setting up irrigation, and moving in plants we've grown in containers. Currently, one tunnel is full of perennials, grasses, ferns, and shrubs (see above photo on right). These plants will be protected inside these tunnels from the harsh winter weather. Another tunnel is currently in process of being converted in preparation to overwinter some of our evergreen trees including Arborvitae, American Hollies, Eastern Red Cedars and Sweet Bay Magnolias. In late spring/early summer, we'll shift out the trees and use this space for hardening off young perennials and herb and vegetable starts and for the production of shrubs which we'll be growing out from cuttings we rooted last year.

Theresa Mycek, Production Manager

Unity Landscape Design and Build

Many of us know what it’s like when our landscaping gets away from us. There’s a season of great weather when trees, shrubs and perennials flourish, weeds abound, and before you know it, the task at hand to get things back under control (and keep them that way) is overwhelming.

Recently Unity Landscape was able to help a lovely family get their property back under control. The landscaping had grown too big to tame without some serious labor. After consultation, a plan of action was prepared based on the customer’s current and future landscape goals. The plan included a full property maintenance, new steel edging and river rock installation, geotextile weed barrier in all the planting beds, as well as beautiful new driveway renovations.

The family couldn’t have been happier with the transformation and Unity enjoyed having a part in reclaiming this beautiful property. It is always a rewarding experience to help ones recapture the love of their outdoor spaces.

T.J. Morris, Environmental and Landscape Sales
Sandy Appel, Chief Operations Officer

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