Unity’s August 2021 Newsletter

August 2021

Unity Landscape Design/Build

The Unity Landscape Design/Build team has been keeping a wide variety of projects in motion, despite the recent heat.  There are many new and varied landscape projects taking place, including many to enhance outdoor spaces of residential and commercial properties alike.

Excitement is in the air as Unity begins a major beach restoration project on Deal Island in Somerset County. This is a collaborative effort between Somerset County, The Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the landowner, and Unity Landscape. The project will run about 90-120 days and will restore and protect a quarter mile of eroding marsh and beach.  

There’s been a flurry of activity as the process begins.  A crew, equipment, and materials have been mobilized, and sediment and erosion control devices have been put in place.  The first step was to install our stabilized construction entrance/access ramp, followed by the installation of several hundred tons of sand to create a stockpile area down on the beach for rock and sand to be delivered. Our expert team of equipment operators are beginning to install stone (some as large as 1,800 pounds each) and locking them into place. There is just over 800 feet of stone to be built, and roughly 1200 linear feet of marsh to create.  Stay tuned as we continue moving forward with this vital restoration project.

Lucas Lees, Environmental & Coastal Design

Sandy Appel, Office Manager

Unity Landscape Design/Build Inc.


Unity Church Hill Nursery

Please join us in welcoming Jordan Melendez to our Unity team as Assistant Nursery Manager and Horticulturalist allowing Hannah Jensen to transition to the Landscape division. With an Associates Degree in Applied Agriculture/Horticulture plus diverse horticultural experience, Jordan is ready and willing to offer you assistance and answer any gardening/plant questions you may have during your visit to Unity.

For the month of August, we will be offering 10% off all our in-stock trees as part of a Pre-Book Program: buy your trees now and plant them this fall. We know August isn’t always the best time to plant trees with potentially hot temperatures and dry weather, so we’ll take care of your trees until you are ready to plant this September or October. In addition, we are offering an extra 10% off (for a total of 20% off) all our in-stock red maples, our featured plant of the month. I just finished reading “Water in Plain Sight” by Judith Schwartz (which I highly recommend, by the way) and would like to encourage all of you who are able to, to plant more trees.

August 21st is National Honey Bee Day. Honey bees in Maryland often have a shortage of nectar sources in summer into fall. To help provide nectar and pollen sources for honey bees (and other pollinators) during this time of year, plant some summer and fall-blooming perennials such as Asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed), Agastache foeniculum (giant blue hyssop), Monarda punctata (spotted beebalm), Pycnanthemum tenuifolium, virginianum or muticum (mountainmints), Solidago species (goldenrod), and Symphyotrichum oblongifolium and others (Asters). Also, we are now carrying local honey from Gary Robson’s Kent Bees. By purchasing this honey, you are supporting Gary who is also a mentor and treasurer of our local Upper Eastern Shore Beekeeper’s Association. They just resumed meeting again this past July 14th and will next meet again in September. Interested in learning more about beekeeping? Check out their website for more information: uesbees.org.

In our food production arena, tomatoes are in abundance along with hot peppers and tomatillos (perfect for salsa verde), melons and watermelons. It is tough to find the right balance during the summer months. There is so much to harvest, but we also need to find time to weed, maintain, and plant more crops; otherwise, we won’t have much available this fall. In August, we start planting cool-weather crops again: arugula, mesclun, lettuce, radish, brussels sprouts, turnips, bok choy, broccoli, broccoli raab are all going in the ground. We will also have a limited amount of cool weather vegetable plants available for sale for you to take home and plant in your own gardens.

In the plant production division, we have some new perennials and shrubs now available for sale. Many of the shrubs potted up last November are now ready for sale with the Spring-planted shrubs not far behind. We have some nice Diervilla of the ‘Kodiak’ series that are now blooming, Physocarpus ‘Ginger Wine,’ and Aronia melanocarpa ‘Low Scape Mound.’ Some of the perennials we now have available in quarts and which are just about to start flowering including Rudbeckia fulgida, Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit,’ and Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna.’ We are busy potting up, weeding, and trimming in an effort to produce the highest quality plants we can.

Theresa Mycek, Plant Production Manager

Unity Church Hill Nursery


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