Unity’s April 2020 Newsletter

Happy April! Since we just sent out an update on how the Unityverse is coping with the COVID-19 situation we are going to focus our Newsletter on the Joys of Spring and stay focused on the joyful side of what is taking place in the Unityverse.  If you did not read our COVID-19 update sent out earlier this week and would like to check it out please click here. 

Spring magnolias are in full bloom and redbuds are showing their beautiful magenta flowers together with the delicate white flowers of the Serviceberry trees along the woodland edges. You can find them all at the Unity Church Hill Nursery where we have over 
300 trees in stock, many of them nativeReceive $25 off each native tree you purchase through the Marylanders Plant Trees Program. The shrub and perennial selections are equally extensive as we continue expanding our inventory with new additions. Please check out the link to our current availability in the top right corner of our website to find all the plants your garden wants you to add for diversity.  


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