Unity Lunacy

Did you know that Perennial Plant Association has declared June to be national Perennial Month? No wonder since so many perennials are looking their best this month, especially with our generous doses of rain and cooler temps this May. Plus with our milder winter, many borderline plants survived just fine- like  figs, and hardy gardenias. Each year the Association also votes for the perennial plant of the year and we native nuts are happy that Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa) is this year's selection. The timing for this choice couldn't have been better with all the press about the plight of the Monarch butterfly, The need for planting more larval host and nectar plants to support them as they  go through their life cycles and prepare for the incredible journey to the mountains of Mexico in the fall.  

We've been lucky enough to have a number of unusual natives this spring and will have a fun "show and tell" on Saturday, June 3rd at 11 am. You are welcome to just drop in but we love knowing ahead of time how many handouts and treats to have ready. Come prepared for light rain or sun as we tromp or amble or limp around the nursery chatting about natives that will help solve all kinds of problems in our gardens. Our fearless leader, Michael likes to remind us that we are here to help provide solutions to problems and native plants are really great at doing that. 

Veggies in our new field out front are starting to take off thanks to Maia and Bernardo. The farm stand will be up and running very soon, so stop in for vital vittles, a cool organic drink, or helpful conversations with people who love gardening!

-Steph Wooton

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