Native Plants

Yesterday, I participated in a group discussion at Chester River Association.

The meeting was lead by 2 master gardeners. Their purpose was to bring attention to native plants in the landscape. Some of the plants talked about were Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud), Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf Hydrangea), Asclepias tuberose (Butterfly Weed). All these plants have adapted to our Eastern Shore climate. There was discussion of soils, annual temperatures & rainfall, river health & what can be done to lessen damage to the Chester River from runoff. Reference was made to Dr. Doug Tallamy’s book ‘Bringing Nature Home’. He understands the inter-relationships between plants & animals. He asks for people to keep that relationship open. We are dependent on plant health whether farm agriculture or animal.

There was an appeal to observe the ‘Baywise’ program run by UMd Extension with the Master Gardeners. It is a voluntary means to improve the home landscape. It takes into account soil, plants, habitat, & water. Master Gardeners have representatives at the Chestertown Farmers Market every other Saturday. (Please note Unity Church Hill Nursery is open every day to help you with similar questions.)

I also wanted to mention, we have received a shipment of Blessings Blends Potting Mix & Blessings Blends Compost. Both products are based on aged compost(Not peat). Compost is a renewable resource. Mr. Blessing has been working on his products for many years. It is OMRI(Organic Materials Review Institute) certified. It is a long, expensive process. But having this certification gives the product benefit of use for organic gardening. Amending soil with compost allows soils to absorb water & nutrients. Keep these products in mind as you swing into the spring season.

Please check back to our blog for updates on what’s happening & what you can do to make your garden special.

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