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A message from Steph Wooton:
We of the "Unityverse" would like you of the Unity commUNITY to welcome Stephen Parrish to our nursery team where he will be ordering, caring for, advising on and selling our wide selection of plant material, garden art and accessories, tools, products, and services. He has worked in the horticulture production field for over five years, has an Associate degree in Horticultural Science, and participated in the Longwood Gardens Co-op program. That's all a good base, but what we really love is that he is always questing for new knowledge about the natural world and fits right in with the Unity Way. Oh, and by the way, among many other talents, he is a musician and has great taste in the music he tunes into down at the Farm Stand - you can almost hear the plants around the stand tapping their, ummm, roots!  Most importantly, Stephen cares very much about helping people with garden decisions so stop by to meet him.
In other news, this spring I made the difficult decision that it is time for me to retire.  Difficult because this is such a unique place to work, the very dear people I've been privileged to work with, and maybe most of all, the truly wonderful customers (now friends!) I have met just by doing my job! I will still help out with special events, talks, and clinics, so I hope to see you here soon. Thank you all for your loyalty, patience, humor and friendship! - Steph


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