• Protected: Wholesale Program

    Protected: Wholesale Program

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  • Unity-Grown Plant Material

    Unity-Grown Plant Material

    In 2020, we began production of our own landscape plugs, perennials, shrubs, and trees using sustainable methods. Enter password to see current and future availability with wholesale pricing. (Please contact us for password.)

  • Shrubs


    Large selection of container and B&B shrubs including native shrubs, berry producing shrubs for food and bird attraction.This year we have begun production of a large selection of native shrubs using organic methods.

  • Trees


    Specimen large caliper trees to small container trees including native trees, ornamental trees and fruit trees.

  • Soil Amendments

    Soil Amendments

    Bagged organic potting soil, natural hardwood mulch, leafgro compost, and Coast of Maine Schoodic Blend Cow Manure Compost. Natural and organic fertilizers including Espoma Plant-tone, soil acidifier, cottonseed meal, biotone, garden tone, bone meal, holly tone, kelp meal, tomato tone, garden lime and more. We also have natural liquid fertilizers including fish emulsion, Espoma Grow! and Start!. Bulk products include natural Continue Reading

  • Herb, Flower and Vegetable Starts

    Herb, Flower and Vegetable Starts

    Unity-grown, organically-raised herb, flower and vegetable plants for you to take home and grow in your own garden. Buy your plants now and schedule pick-up for when you are ready to plant your garden.Shop now

  • Pottery


    A full line of small to large garden planters in clay, concrete, composite and fiberglass for all your gardening and container needs.

  • Outdoor Furniture

    Outdoor Furniture

    Furniture designed for the elements of Chesapeake living. Granite, Teak, and more for all of your outdoor furniture needs. Unity has chosen to carry Three Birds Casual line of premium outdoor teak furniture. Teak's durability and beauty combined with the classic design of the Three Bird's collections make it the furniture of choice among designers and architects. Click here to learn more about Continue Reading

  • Hardscape Materials

    Hardscape Materials

    Natural and modular hardscape material by the pallet, piece or square foot. Our selection of natural stone includes colonial steppers, irregular flagstone, pattern full range flagstone, blue thermal flagstone, rock boulders, granite boulders, PA creek stone steppers, grey veneer stone, lava rock.

  • Perennials, Ferns, Vines & Grasses

    Perennials, Ferns, Vines & Grasses

    Extensive selection of native and traditional herbaceous plants for all of your landscaping needs. Plants organized at nursery by shade, part sun and full sun for ease in selection. New this year, we've started growing landscape plugs of native perennials and grasses which are ideal for restoration projects or larger scale plantings.

  • Statuary & Unique Garden Accents

    Statuary & Unique Garden Accents

    Urns, unique pots and small statuary. Many of our items are made in the USA!

  • Fountains & Water Features

    Fountains & Water Features

    Large fountains, tabletop fountains and birdbaths.