Herb, Flower and Vegetable Starts

Unity-grown, organically-raised herb, flower and vegetable plants for you to take home and grow in your own garden or pot. Will be available starting April 2020.

Herbs include:
basil - Cardinal, Eleonora, Tulsi, Lime, Rosie, Sweet Thai
lavender - provence and white provence
mint - mint julep and variegated peppermint
oregano - greek mountain
parsley - curly and flat leaf
rosemary - arp and tuscan blue
sage - beggarten and purple
tarragon, french
thyme - creeping, english and golden variegated
verbena, lemon

Vegetables include:
artichoke - Tavor
bean, lima - King of the Garden and Christmas
cucumber - A&C pickling, Japanese climbing, Marketmore
eggplant - Clara, Dancer, Diamond, Listada de Gandia, Nadia, Orient Express, Pingtung Long
ginger - Peruvian Yellow
ground cherry - Lowen Family Heirloom
melon - Hearts of Gold, Dove
melon, watermelon - Blacktail Mountain, Quetzali
okra - Red Burgundy

pepper (sweet) - Antohi Romanian, Chocolate Beauty, Islander, King of the North, New Ace, Olympus, Orange Bell, Shishito, Sweet Sunrise, Tolli's Sweet Italian, Yankee Bell

pepper (hot) - Ancho Gigantea, Aji Amarillo, Anaheim (New Mexican Green Chile), Yellow Caribbean Seasoning, Cayenne, Fish, Goddess Banana, Jalapeno, Korean, Lemon, Serrano, Thai

summer squash and zucchini - black beauty zucchini, golden glory zucchini, yellow summer squash, zephyr summer squash


tomatoes (cherry) - bing (red), esterina (yellow), black cherry, pink princess, pink bumble bee, sunrise bumble bee, purple bumble bee, supersweet 100 (red), sun gold, yellow mini

tomatoes - black krim, carbon, cherokee green, cosmonaut volkov, aunt ruby's german green, cherokee purple, dester, golden jubilee, goldie, green zebra, hillbilly potato leaf, italian heirloom, jet star, kellog's breakfast, large red, lillian's yellow, mortgage lifter, oxheart, paul robeson, pink berkeley tie-dye, pink brandywine, pineapple, pruden's purple, rose, striped german, valencia

tomatoes (paste) - martino's roma, roma, and san marzano

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