Even though we all know that snow may still show up in the coming weeks, I can't help but get excited about snow drops, winter aconites and snow crocus already showing their determined flowers.  I remind myself that last year a hard freeze turned their flowers to mush over night, so I'm checking the weather report each night.  That same freeze ruined many a hydrangea bud, and rosemaries and figs suffered too. For the hydrangeas, I'm keeping some tarps or old sheets handy just in case the temperature dips below 26 or 27 degrees F. It may be “too little too late” though, because we did already have that nasty deep freeze at the beginning of this winter, the results of which are showing up as damaged and discolored leaves.  Most plants will bounce back with a little time, so we shouldn't get too nervous; besides, if we lose a plant it could be an opportunity for some wonderful new selection.  For now, I'm going to relax (yeah, right) and enjoy the emergence of this year’s treasures -- I can hear the earth just squeaking, anticipating another year of possibilities.  LISTEN!  I'll bet you hear it too.


Winter aconite

Snow crocus

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