Farm Notes: Week of 7/6/22

Find our produce at the Chestertown Farmers Market

Saturdays 8am-12pm on High Street*

The produce list this week includes: beets (red and golden), blueberries, carrots, cilantro, swiss chard, cucumbers (slicing and pickling), dill, fresh garlic, garlic scapes, lettuce mix, mint, new potatoes (red gold), parsley, onions (red torpedo), radishes (French Breakfast and red), summer squash, tarragon, tomatoes (slicing, heirloom and cherry), and zucchini.

Let me tell you about my dear friend, the cucumber. They are 95% water, contain very few calories and are able to cool the body and blood, hence the commonly used phrase "cool as a cucumber", a phrase that very rarely gets associated with me. Frankly, I go back and forth on whether or not I enjoy cucumbers, but if there's a type of cucumber that I always like, it's the diva.

Lucky for all of you, diva is one of the delicious varieties that we grow here at Unity, it is a seedless, thin skinned variety that are distinctively crisp and sweet. We also grow the Nokya, Marketmore and Little Leaf pickling varieties. Nokya is a long, skinny Asian variety of cucumber that is high yielding and has notably small seeds. The Marketmore cucumber is your classic garden cucumber, and is known as the standard slicing cucumber in the North. Last but not least, the Little Leaf pickling cucumber is a crowd favorite in the pickling world, fruits are best when harvested small and can be eaten fresh but make fantastic pickles as well.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy cucumbers is in a simple cucumber salad with soy sauce, sesame oil and a little rice vinegar, topped with sesame seeds. It is so very simple and helps me eat up lots of cucumbers, because, if cucumbers are anything, they tend to be prolific and abundant in my garden. Another favorite of mine for cucumbers is tzatziki! Tzatziki can be added to anything, in my humble opinion, and contains relatively few calories when compared to other creamy dips or spreads. Quick pickles, sliced on sandwiches, eaten whole or dipped in vinegar are other ways that I like to enjoy cucumbers. Check out the recipes below for other inspiration for enjoying our cucumbers!

Quick Pickled Pickles!
Creamy Cucumber Salad
7 Things to do with Cucumbers

Our Eco Trays have been a hit at market and we are so thrilled to be able to supply you with native plants that benefit the pollinators and provide them with important habitat.

For those that don't know, Eco Trays are trays of 25 or 50 plugs of native perennials and grasses that have 5 or 10 different varieties that you can plant to create your own pollinator garden. We have two options right now, both are full sun, but one is for more moist soils and one is for dryer soils. These plug trays make it easy and efficient to grow your own perennial, staggered blooming pollinator habitat to support all the bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects that help all of our gardens oh so much.

Click to learn more about our Eco Trays

U-Pick Organically Grown Blueberries at Unity

U-Pick is now open at Unity! Come during regular retail nursery hours and pick our organically grown, no spray blueberries! Parking is up by the office and purchase your containers at either the farm stand or the office, then a staff member will show you where the blueberries are and which rows are ready to be picked.

U-pick is available during retail hours while the berries are in season. $8/quart

*We have decided to stop attending the Kent Island Farmers Market and to stop stocking our farm stand with our produce as neither locations were producing enough income to cover the operating costs. Find our produce every Saturday morning in Chestertown on High Street.

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