Enter The Magnolias

As the sun rises earlier in the morning sky, the days become more temperate. Trees start blossoming. Magnolias are showing off clouds of white blooms. The Star Magnolias are the smaller, shrubby trees with multiple petals. They pop flowers over an extended period so if there is a frost, there will still be opportunities for flowers to open & be fertilized. There is a large Magnolia just by the Chestertown bridge in full flower right not. It makes a beautiful picture as you drive in from QA County. I’ve seen Saucer Magnolias starting to bloom also. With their large purple & white cups, they give the impression of unfolding hands.

Some of the hybrid Magnolias are starting to bud up. Dr. Merrill is a large-growing Star hybrid. It will bloom in another 2-3 weeks with the same flowers as its parent—pure white blooms with multi-petals. Another hybrid to look for is Wada’s Memory. This large growing magnolia(40’) again has pure white blossoms on a statuesque plant. The buds on the yellow Magnolias are starting to swell. Sunburst has a dark lemon yellow flower on a tall tree. Bigleaf Magnolia is has immense leaves (up to 3’) with suitably large creamy white blooms. Then there is the ‘Little Girl’ series of smaller, cold hardy magnolias developed by the U.S.Arboretum. Ann & Jane both have deep maroon to purple flowers on compact shrubby trees. They bloom when it’s a little warmer than what we have now. They can also surprise us with a small scattering of fall or summer blossoms. The evergreen Southern Magnolias wait to June before they start. Then there will be an abundance of white, flat cups.

This tree comes in a variety of cultivars: Little Gem & Teddy Bear are both dwarfs; Edith Bogue, Bracken’s Brown Beauty & Claudia Wanamaker all grow to specimen size. Overlapping this tree is the Sweetbay Magnolia. Our native species blooms demurely: small fragrant cups hide among semi-evergreen foliage. These are just some of the trees that will be seen over the next few months.

Please check back to our blog for updates on what’s happening & what you can do to make your garden special.

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