Adkins Arboretum Farm Tour Series: Unity Church Hill Nursery

The 2019 Adkins Arboretum Farm Tour Series promotes different types of farming and conservation-minded practices across the Mid-Shore. The series wraps up Sunday with a visit to Unity Church Hill Nursery & Farm in Church Hill.A native garden and nursery center offering services and products that foster harmony with nature, Unity has been growing produce,…
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Managing Weeds Organically

Managing to keep weeds to a minimum in your lawn or garden can be challenging. Join us at Unity Church Hill Nursery to learn about some of the tools and techniques we are using to manage weeds without the use of chemicals. We hope there will be a lively discussion where we can all learn…
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Hosta Sale

We're giving you one more opportunity to get 50% off of our in-stock hostas.
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