Unity’s January 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year to all! It’s a quiet time of year in the garden for most of us. A liminal space that we linger in while the light slowly returns. Deciduous trees are almost all bare now, making it ideal for both hunters and winter bird watchers. The only deciduous trees that still hold their…
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Unity’s December 2022 Newsletter

Here at the nursery, we are still in the process of winterizing. Our winter hours are now in effect: we are open Monday through Friday from 8-5, closed on Saturday and Sunday. We have recently drained, scrubbed and covered all our fountains. If you have a fountain at home, you should do the same to…
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Unity’s November 2022 Newsletter

Welcome November! First frost has come and gone, and temps are still perfect for planting. It’s a good time of year to think about how you can work with nature to help your garden through the winter. If you’re choosing to cut back annuals or vegetable plants, consider just cutting them back and not ripping…
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