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It's that time again, when we have high hopes and good intentions for the New Year.  My problem is that along about January 17th my usually well meaning resolutions succumb to a sale on Ben and Jerry's ice cream or some TV show that requires binge watching.  The answer?  Pick something that is easy,  downright cheap, and makes me feel really good so that I WANT to keep it up.  I had almost given up on the search for the perfect resolution when I saw a frightening post on Facebook about the floating islands of plastic polluting more and more of our oceans.

  Luckily, at least thirty solutions were offered, many of which like composting, reusable tote bags for groceries and stainless steel travel mugs, we are already using.  I decided to pick just five strategies so that I would have no excuses.  First, Christmas presents for family, friends and myself included wooden tooth brushes and way cool stainless steel drinking straws.  Then bento boxes or "tiffens" for taking leftovers to work for lunch (which are also great to use instead of doggy bags when you eat out) --- AND there are really beautiful ones available.  Now that we are learning awful things about microbeads and fibers, I'm going back to good old fashioned soaps and as dependent as I had become on fleece, I bought wool sweaters (on sale) and alpaca socks (really neat alpaca farm and shop near Preston).  So far this is really painless!  I couldn't resist one extra strategy:  when I head out for a walk I stuff one of those  plastic bags that I couldn't avoid into my pocket and on my way home I fill it up with litter - neighbors are calling me the crazy ditch lady.   

  I know in these times it's naive to think that a single wooden toothbrush can make a difference, but like the single plastic one that was added to another and then another and another, maybe enough of them out there rotting instead of floating might be a small step and send a message.  And something worthwhile might just come from high hopes and good intentions.

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