Rare and Unusual Trees

We are so proud of the unique selection of fruiting, flowering. and unusual trees that we have at Unity Nursery this month. We have just received some rare and amazing new trees that we would love to share a little about.The Magnolia 'Gold Star' is a beautiful yet low maintenance flowering tree. It has large…
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Spring Open House

Here at Unity we are ready for warm weather, green fields, and beautiful flowers! We are ready for spring and we hope you are too. That is why we are having a big event to celebrate the season and we hope you will join us this weekend for our Spring Open House.  All of our fruiting…
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Tool Sharpening

Here's a cabin fever remedy for gardeners - this is one you can do while watching your favorite TV shows. Plus you'll be glad you did it when spring rolls around! Once you have cleaned soil off of your tools with steel wool and rough sandpaper (for rust spots), disinfect them with either a 10%…
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